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Rita Graham’s career as a jazz vocalist was jump-started when Ray Charles produced an album of lush standards for her in 1969. The album, “Rita Graham Vibrations” is the only major project that Ray Charles personally produced for a single female artist on his own Tangerine record label. (TRC-1507). As the lead vocalist in Rita and the Tiaras, Ms. Graham recorded the UK Northern Soul Classic, “Gone with the Wind is My Love” -( Google/YouTube: Rita and the Tiaras). A stint as one of Ray Charles’ Raelettes was followed by a two-year featured spot with the Harry James Orchestra, (www.Jasminerecords.com. Harry James, Live in London ), European and Far East tours, and a series of recordings produced by TV composer Mike Post. She was featured with jazz great Oscar Peterson, Mercer Ellington and the Duke Ellington Orchestra and comedian Redd Foxx, as well as originating the role of Coretta Scott King in the off-Broadway Woodie King Jr. production of the Martin Luther King, Jr. documusical, ” Selma ” Ms. Graham recorded and produced a live CD of jazz and blues standards, “Rita Graham Live at Sambuca Atlanta” where she was known as “The First Lady of Sambuca” ( Atlanta’s famed jazz supperclub) from 1999-2009. Currently, she performs with several Atlanta bands and is featured with “The All-Star Georgia Music Revue” and “The Dynamic Duo” While on tour in the Philippines, Ms. Graham experienced a stunning spontaneous episode of deja vu, wherein she envisioned a historical incident, feeling certain that she had actually been present there in the past. Suddenly, she recalled having had vivid childhood dreams of that same incident, all of which inspired her fascination with life after life.

Amazing! Ms. Graham is an excellent story teller and I could not put the book down from start to finish! I look forward to her next book and until then will continue to search many of the concepts ‘Karma Rising’ opened my mind too. Other lives? Have we all been here millions of times before? Who were we in past lives?

I kept hearing music in the background as I read it and would love to see ‘Karma Rising’ as a feature film since it affords many visually stunning scenes and I can only imagine the costumes and set decorations that would go with it!

In the near future when it does become a film, we will all thank Rita Graham for sharing ‘Karma Rising’ with us. It is destined to take its place among the great classics of our time.

The authors action packed book is also filled with quiet moments, affording the reader time to reflect and savor every word.

I recommend Karma Rising to everyone and will be the first in line at my local movie theater when it becomes a major motion picture.

It you want to curl up with a great book, buy a copy today and your mind will be taken to all of the secret places most of us were taught never to go!

Bravo Ms. Rita Graham!

– Judy Joy Jones.